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My name is Jeremy Newbegin, and I am MD of SRI (Investment Services) Ltd. We sponsor socially responsible investment solutions and also promote Minerva Fund Managers Ltd as a specialist SRI discretionary fund manager.


The uncertainty within investment markets, especially in recent years, has made it all the more important to benefit from active investment management and professional asset allocation services. So, in March 2009 Paul Warner (MD of Minerva) and I launched  five SRI Model Portfolios, selecting the Fund Platform Avalon Investment Services Ltd as the administrator, with Minerva Fund Managers Ltd providing the discretionary management.


These Portfolios have now been going for over six years and the results, both in terms of performance and total money under management are very encouraging. Details can be found on the top menu (Avalon and Literature).


In 2010 I approached Merchant Investors (now known as Sanlam) to set up the Eden SRI Balanced Insurance and Pension Fund. In 2013 it was given a Morningstar Four Star rating and in July 2014 we amalgamated these funds with the Eden SRI OEIC (see below).


In July 2012, we set up three Accel SRI discretionary portfolios for Sanlam. These portfolios were designed to adhere to Sanlam's Accel Risk Profiler and consequently follow strict benchmarks. Encouragingly these three portfolios are consistently beating their benchmarks.


In  September 2013 the Eden SRI OEIC was launched, a subfund of the EFA Hallmark Investment Portfolio OEIC. It is a "balanced risk" fund of funds offering both income and accumulation units. SRI (Investment Services) Ltd is the Sponsor, Paul Warner is the Fund Manager, and the Authorised Corporate Director is Way Fund Managers Ltd (Cedar House, 3 Cedar Park, Cobham Road, Wimborne BH21 7SB) which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. 


In essence, for all the above, the primary investment management comes from the Managers of the Funds chosen by Minerva, with secondary investment management (fund choice and asset allocation) coming from Minerva. The secondary investment management costs a very competitive 0.2%pa on the Eden SRI OEIC, and 0.25%pa plus VAT on the various SRI Portfolios.


It is important to understand that no specific avoidance criteria is used. In this way we give ourselves a much wider fund choice. The SRI Investment Committee, which oversees the Avalon SRI Portfolios, Sanlam Accel SRI Portfolios, and the EFA Eden SRI OEIC, uses all SRI, Ethical, Green, Environmental, and Sustainable Funds in the FE (Financial Express) Ethical/Sustainable Universe. In this way we have every chance of achieving good and consistent investment performance.


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